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Ardmore Companion Animal Hospital

Newsletter                                        September 2017


Don’t Fall into fleas

By: Jamie Jordan

When weather cools down, people fall into the misconception that flea populations will decrease.

Unfortunately, for adult fleas to die, the temperature must be 37.40F or below and stay that way

for about 10 days ( article titled At What Temperature Do Fleas Die?). However,

even if the weather is freezing, adult fleas can survive on the warm body of a host animal.

If you are still thinking, “Well, a few fleas are nothing to worry about,” let me tell you a little


One adult flea lays about 50 eggs a day. To make matters worse, many pets are

victims of flea allergy dermatitis. Just a few bites can cause stress and hair loss, not

to mention all the itching and scratching. Flea damage doesn’t stop there. Your cat or

dog can get tapeworms by ingesting an infected flea!   

    No need to despair, we are here for you. There are many options to keep your pet

protected all year long. We are happy to help you find the treatment that is right for you and

your sweet companions.

Deals for September

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Welcome Dr.Catherine Rice

We would like to introduce our newest addition to the staff,Dr.Catherine Rice.

This fresh faced Auburn grad has the heart and compassion that matches those already

at Ardmore Companion Animal Hospital. We are happy to have added her to our family

and know you will love her, too.

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