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  • If you want your pet to have the same superior quality medical care as every other member of your family, Ardmore Companion Animal hospital is the place to go. Dr. Wendy and her capable staff will treat your pet as they would their own. Dr. Wendy is a gifted vet and the best we've ever known. She will exceed your expectations in every aspect of her service to you and is clearly doing what she was born to do. She is exceptional in knowledge and skill, candid in diagnoses and treatment alternatives, and compassionate, loving and kind to your pets. Her lifelong love of animals is perfectly obvious in the way she relates to every patient. She takes the time to gain your pet's trust with love and adoration before the examination, and she is careful and gentle throughout the visit.

    Dr. Wendy has established a team of top-notch assistants, unparalleled in professionalism, competence, compassion, and friendliness. Over the course of time, Dr. Wendy and her staff have been with us through serious illnesses, injuries, surgeries, and inevitable losses of our beloved "babies". Everyone at ACAH is family to us and to our pets. We appreciate your service to us and to the community through countless endeavors on behalf of homeless animals. Keep up the good work!!

    Tom, Karen, Gus and Prissy Norton
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    My dog Lucky Birdsong is 10 years old and has been going to Ardmore Companion Animal Hospital since he was 8 weeks old. You can not find a better place to take your pets. Dr. Wendy Rosenbek is the best vet you could ever have. The staff is wonderful and caring. Lucky loves going there and cannot wait to get in the door.

    Linda Birdsong
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    The love, the compassion, the care, the attention, the family atmosphere are all the things and more that we and our pets have received from Dr. Wendy and her staff. Dr. Wendy is a true gift and blessing to us, our pets and to the animal community. We couldn't have found a more loving, caring vet than Dr. Wendy to take care of our pets. From the happy moments to the sad moments Dr. Wendy and her staff have always made us and especially our pets feel comfortable and at ease. To the phone calls to the cards they have always made us feel like family, that means the world to us and that makes them our family!

    We love all of yall, thanks for all you do for us and pets whom are our children.

    Angie & Jerry Kelley, Shelby, Slick, Lily, Cha Cha and Cruz
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    Years ago when we watched a building under construction in Ardmore, we wondered what it would be and when Ardmore Companion Animal Hospital opened there, we thought, 'that's fine but we're happy with our current clinic.' Then neighbors began telling us how wonderful the new vet was - how knowledgeable and compassionate - so we decided to give her a try.

    On our first visit, we were stunned when Dr. Wendy actually washed her hands before getting down on the floor to greet our dog and examine her. Since then, we haven't gone elsewhere. She has helped us through animal injuries and illnesses, through cancer, diabetes and blindness and the inevitable loss of several of our beloved pets. Her love for animals is obvious and her skill and dedication are to be commended. She doesn't hesitate to take time to educate us on any new problems our pets may have. We now consider her a friend and feel fortunate to have her in our area.

    We are also appreciative of her wonderful team. We never feel they are just doing a job, but that they truly love their work and the role they play in our community. They are efficient, competent and friendly and we consider them an asset to ACAH.

    Since we adopted several members of our animal family from ACAH, we happily contribute to their Abandoned Animal Fund. We would encourage others to do so.

    John and Susan Slagle
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    With the support of Dr. Wendy's mentoring, guidance and thoughtful compassion we have made tremendous strides in improving the health and well being of the animals at our Shelter. She has devoted countless hours to helping our community work toward reducing the numbers of unwanted animals by being the first, and one of the only Veterinarians in our area to perform juvenile spay/neuters. With her support, many more animals in our community are now altered, and we are able to save a significantly larger percent of our animals through rescue groups and adoptions because of her willingness to provide her guidance and these services to us.

    Dr. Wendy is not only an outstanding professional with her patients, she is a valued partner in suporting our Animal Shelter, the animals that come into our care, and our community.

    Denise Isbell
    Manager - Fayetteville/Lincoln County Animal Shelter
    Humane Society of Lincoln County
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    Over the last 15-years, Dr. Wendy Rosenbek and her veterinary staff at Ardmore Companion Animal Hospital have provided outstanding medical care and vet consultation services for our many dogs and cats here at Hidden Hollow Farm.

    Dr. Wendy and her professional staff have always gone "above and beyond" when providing technical expertise, love, care, and follow-up support when our animals require treatment.

    Simply put, the good folks at Ardmore Companion Animal Hospital are like family, and we know our pets are receiving the very best care available.

    Best Regards,
    George & Melissa Garber
    Hidden Hollow Farm
    Dellrose, TN
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    Dr. Wendy has a unique blend of strength and gentleness, knowledge and practicality. She has the most incredible patience and infinite caring - not only for my animals, but for their "parents" as well! Her remarkable warmth and sincerity in caring for all of us, and for all of her patients and their families is genuine and heartfelt. She is indeed a very special person I am proud to consider Dr. Wendy my friend as well as our Vet!!!

    Charles, Donna, Baloo, Bogey, Gator, Gizmo (and a host of others!) Prégeant